CD Brass United: "Pitch Black", Channel Classics CCS 38717

Het Parool, Febr. 2017:

"Phenomenal ensemble playing"

De Volkskrant, Febr. 2017:

"The lyricism and rhythmical precision are astonishing"

CD "Chant d'Automne", Channel Classics CCS 37716

Gramophone, Nov. 2016:

"Van Hasselt is an exceptionally fine player with all the equipment in his armoury to delight, surprise and challenge the listener at every turn."

"Van Hasselt's latest project is testament to the brave, rich and resonant style of exceptional continental trumpet playing which, on this evidence, can be both epic and poetic."

Konzert Wehr, Januar 2016

Badische Zeitung, 8.1.2016

"Van Hasselt überzeugte dank einer Leichtigkeit und Mühelosigkeit im Ansatz, wie man Sie selten hört."

Konzert St. Blasien, Januar 2016

Badische Zeitung, 4.1.2016

"Wim Van Hasselts spiel ist so überaus nuancenreich, so farbig, so ausdifferenziert,....."

"....seine überrachende Klangkultur...."

"...von der Trompete geradezu geflüsterten Adagio aus Arcangelo Corellis Sonate A-Dur, hätte man Stundenlang weiterhören mögen."

CD "Tintomara", Channel Classics CCS SA 36315

Gramophone, June 2015: Editor's Choice

"There is indeed little that these players cannot project in terms of multifaceted lyricism, color and dramatic presence, and this is matched by the very best in modern brass programming."

"Wim Van Hasselt and Jörgen van Rijen appear to find a golden thread to weave through remarkably diverse musical traditions."

"All the facets of this project are outstanding and it starts with a dazzling sound."

Performance & Audio 5 stars

… a thoroughly entertaining programme of music whose composition ranges over more than 300 years.

Martijn Padding's 'One Trumpet' is a spectacular trumpet solo ….. and Wim Van Hasselt delivers it with amazing confidence and panache.

Het Parool:

All gorgeous pieces, performed on the highest imaginable level.

CD “On the Road”,  Channel Classics CCS SA 31811

Performance 5 stars
Audio 5 stars

… this SACD can be unhesitately recommended…

Luciano Berio’s brief take on the “Last Post” concludes this undoubtedly stimulating disc.

American Record Guide, May/June 2012

In this outstanding collection of new and little-known works, Belgian trumpeter Wim Van Hasselt goes on a musical journey to nine countries.

Van Hasselt’s playing is lovely, as is the accompaniment by the unusual ensemble of strings, bassoon, and three horns.

In this superb reading, Van Hasselt and pianist Takezawa are joined by one of the world's leading trombonists, Jörgen van Rijen.

Composer Julien-François Zenden about the recording of his Concertino opus 6:

I have to congratulate you on your lively performance full of sensibility.


Audiophile Audition, Aug.  2012

The pieces span several centuries and provide a wonderful platform for Van Hasselt to demonstrate his mastery over a broad range of styles and his infallible technique. A fine release, well worth acquiring!


ITG Journal, March 2013
... a wonderful album of fine repertoire for trumpet in various chamber settings and showing off his beautifully sensitive and facile playing.

He plays with tremendouse sense of smoothness and flow and performs the Classical style with great tastefulness.

Throughout the CD, Van Hasselt plays with a big, robust, full sound ... He exhibits tremendous power in his playing, without ever losing tonal focus.


Concert Interlaken, April 2012

Jungfrau Zeitung, 10.4.12:
Mit einem wunderschönen Concertino des zeitgenössischen Schweizer Komponisten Julien-François Zbinden brillierte vor allem der Solist Wim Van Hasselt; als Stargast des Abends begeisterte der gefragte belgische Künstler mit einem emotionalen und sehr präzisen Trompetenspiel.

....die Gänsehaut bleibt nicht weg...